What we treat diagram


“This hurts.”

“I can barely move.”

“Please make it better.”

If your body is talking to you – a lot – we can help quiet those symptoms.

As physical therapists, we see plenty of people who are recovering from surgery, broken bones, or a car accident. In some ways, these folks are more open to treatment because they see physical therapy as part of the recovery process. It’s the people with chronic issues who tend to suffer in silence – people like these:

  • The farmer who’s put up with two decades of back pain until it’s gotten so bad, he can’t work.
  • The mother of four, embarrassed to seek help for incontinence, who’s convinced herself the problem is “normal.”
  • The factory worker with a repetitive motion injury who’s afraid to seek help for fear of losing his job.
  • The new mom whose pelvic pain is interfering with intimacy.
  • The recent retiree who rationalizes that her frozen shoulder is “just part of getting old.”

Too many people try to ignore their pain, discomfort, and reduced mobility or simply tough it out because they think nothing can be done. By waiting too long to seek help, they cheat themselves out of much needed relief. It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re hurting. What’s more, delaying care can make your issues a lot harder to treat. Physically, the problem may get worse over time and harder to correct. Emotionally, the fear and anticipation of pain can be almost worse than the pain itself. And socially – let’s face it – pain makes people grouchy. It’s hard to be fully present for the people you love.

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