Accelacare Performance & Wellness

Performance and Wellness at its simplest form is the practical application of sports science to enhance movement quality. Itʼs grounded in evidence-based research and physiology of exercise and anatomy. We all move and therefore we can all benefit from a better quality of movement.
As members of the Garden City community, we care about our community’s health. We also know how hard it is to prioritize our own health goals when life gets in the way.
That’s what we’re here for!

Performance and Wellness is a great way to transform your body and achieve your health and fitness goals, whether youʼre an athlete or amateur, expert, or just starting out. It encompasses so much more than just lifting weights and focuses on a variety of tools to improve movement, health, and physical performance. At Accelacare Performance & Wellness, we provide our clients with top trainers and specialists so they can reach their health goals in a supportive and welcoming environment.

As a client at Accelacare Performance & Wellness, you will have access to:
• On-Site Certified Performance & Wellness Specialists with sport-specific training for your fitness goals.
• On-Site Dietitian to offer guidance and answer any questions you have about nutrition. (Don’t worry, she won’t tell you to stop eating chocolate. We love chocolate.).
• Athletic Trainers to provide injury prevention, post-injury support, and strength training.

We’re here to support you with:
• Reaching your fitness & athletic goals.
• Feeling more confident in a gym setting.
• Injury prevention.
• Understanding nutrition (AKA un-learning decades of fad diets).
• Strength training and power to build bone density.
• Balance, core & mobility work to prevent falls.

Contact us to learn more about our process and to book your first personal training appointment.