Our patients benefit from the use of the following leading-edge equipment:

  • AlterG Treadmill
    The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ enables patients and athletes to move unrestricted and pain-free. This “unweighting” technology helps you build strength, improve balance, and retain function without putting too much weight on your legs as you walk.
  • Pneumex Unweighting System
    This advanced piece of equipment allows you to exercise without putting pressure on the spine and joints. As you’re strapped in to a special harness secured to the ceiling, the equipment can be adjusted to reduce the effect of your body weight during exercise. Because you are strapped in, you can’t fall. This makes the Pneumex Unweighting System especially useful if you are elderly and/or have gait or balance issues.
  • Saunders 3D ActiveTrac®
    Used for spinal decompression, this unique table for back and neck pain treatment adjusts in three dimensions to fit a wide variety of patients.