Plan on spending some time with us on your first visit, as your appointment will last approximately 90 minutes. We spend the first 30 minutes compiling intake information and reviewing your insurance benefits. We need to get this “housekeeping” out of the way in order to start treating you, so please be on time and bring with you:

Patient intake form

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance card
  • List of medications you are taking
  • List of allergies, if any
  • List of prior doctors
  • Any pertinent records from your previous doctor
  • List of any questions or concerns

We also encourage you to fill out our Patient Intake Form in advance and bring that with you as well: ENG l SPA

Once you are with your physical therapist, you will spend 20-30 minutes giving a detailed history of your symptoms. Expect questions about your health history, what your typical day looks like, and physical activities that might be contributing to your pain, discomfort, or movement problems.

Our therapists are like body detectives. In that first meeting, their goal is to figure out the root of your problem by performing a variety of tests. We take a little longer to do the evaluation because, as much as we’d like the solution to be a quick fix, it rarely is. Our goal is to understand your symptoms fully so we can start the proper treatment plan.

As a service, we provide athlete health outreach for the local school districts. If you are an athlete needing to notify us of a possible injury please use the form link below:

Athlete Injury Form

Other forms that might be required:

View also our frequently asked questions. If you have any questions or concerns before your visit, please call us at 620-271-0700.