COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways, but pain and the resulting loss of function have remained. In fact, we know that many people are experiencing more pain during this time due to decreased activity levels, altered daily routines, increased stress and lack of sleep. We are here to help – our goal of keeping you as healthy as possible has not changed.

In addition to traditional in-clinic visits, we now have the ability to offer telehealth visits by computer or phone for patients who are better suited to perform their physical therapy from home. Most insurance companies are now allowing Telehealth visits and waiving out of pocket expenses (deductibles and copays). Using platforms like Zoom, Google, Skype or Facetime, our physical therapists can perform evaluations as well as daily visits to progress you back to feeling better. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with these platforms–we’re happy to walk you through the set up and help you with any problems you might have.

In-clinic visits are available for patients that have had recent surgeries or injuries, as well as for those that require in person care. These are some of the changes we’ve made to keep our patients and staff as safe as possible:

  • Our doctors of physical therapy review each patient’s medical history before they are scheduled for their initial visit to make sure it is safe for them to come in to the clinic.
  • Our front office staff is now able to get all necessary information and accept payments over the phone or online before each patient enters the clinic.
  • We screen every patient prior to them entering the clinic by asking specific questions and taking their temperature.
  • We’re limiting clinic traffic as much as possible–patients aren’t allowed to bring anybody with them unless a parent or caregiver needs to be present.
  • Our doctors of physical therapy are wearing face shields and masks. Everybody entering the clinic wears a mask as well.
  • Treatment tables and exercise equipment have been significantly spread out.
  • All interactions within 6 feet have been minimized and hands on treatment is limited to 10 minutes or less to decrease exposure risk.
  • We have a separate treatment area in the clinic for more unhealthy patients that are at a higher risk with a separate entrance/exit.

As always, we will get a detailed history to make sure we have a good understanding of your medical history, current living situation (do you live with somebody who is higher risk) and all other relevant factors needed to help you make the best decision for your care. We will discuss the pros and cons of in home vs in clinic visits to help keep you as safe as possible.

By working together, we believe we can provide the help and pain relief you need no matter what the setting is.

Please call 620-271-0700 with any questions.