Physical Therapist

Job Description:

Great patient care is rewarding and challenging – here are the tools that are provided to meet that challenge:

$10,000 signing bonus plus a $5,000 increase to the signing bonus if you are hired and refer a PT friend who also joins Accelacare. The signing bonus is coupled with a contract that provides the following:

  1. Salaried or Hourly position, at employee’s election, at the high end of the market
  2. Each employee has the option to work on a 40 hour-per-week salaried basis or equivalent hourly rate that allows the employee to choose their own schedule and accomplish their personal and professional goals
    1. Accelacare always seeks to keep patient loads capped at a reasonable level that gives employees the flexibility to pursue their personal and professional goals
  3. Each employee has the ability to allocate benefits funding across the following programs at their discretion, as flexibly as state and federal rules will allow:
    1. Employee and Family Health and Dental Insurance Premium Assistance
    2. Up to 15 days of paid time off (Each employee receive standard 12 days of sick leave)
    3. 401K Employer contribution of up to 3% of the employees wages
    4. Funding for continuing education programs, including Fellowship Training at The Manual Therapy Institute
  4. The following tools are available based on each employees needs:
    1. One-on-one mentorship time with Accelacare’s owner, Dr. Wes Wickwar, DPT, FAAOMPT. This mentorship time will count towards continuing education programs’ (Residency, FAAOMPT, etc) clinical experience requirements
    2. One-on-one mentorship time with other physical therapists within Accelacare’s network, inside and outside the clinic
    3. Opt-in program for unlimited funding for continuing education
    4. Paid professional licensing renewal and APTA membership dues
    5. Opportunities to develop and grow programs of interest. For example, Pain Science, Pelvic Floor, Vestibular/Concussion, Spanish-speaking outreach

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About Accelacare:

Accelacare is an outpatient clinic that prioritizes patient care. Each patient is billed according to their clinical need, not to inflate charges, and the clinic runs better as a result. It’s how outpatient physical therapy should work.

The population breaks down as follows:

  • 20% Spine, 20% Knee, 20% Shoulder, 15% Hip, 10% Foot/Ankle, 5% Elbow/Wrist/Hand, 3% TMD, 3% Women’s Health, 4% Other
  • 95% of all cases are normal outpatient orthopedic conditions
  • 40% of all cases are post-operative patients
  • 20% Medicare
  • Disclosure: Patient population has changed as the clinic’s capabilities and market size expand.
    • Patient population has a large unmet need for Vestibular Physical Therapy and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Other Highlights:

  • Accelacare has an award-winning clinical rotation program (Creighton University – 2021 Clinical Site of Excellence Award) that fosters innovation and supports patient care.
  • Accelacare and its clinicians have consistently excelled in various quality-of-care measures, including measures used by the Medicare MIPS program.
  • The quality of Accelacare’s patient care has had a significant positive effect on the health of the community it serves: musculoskeletal discharges in the surrounding area have remained flat while all other categories of discharge have increased at accelerating rates.

Clinic contact information:

Angela Reich, Clinic Director, 620-271-0700,