There are jobs. And then there are callings. Physical therapy is a calling. If you’re in our profession, you know the incredible feeling of accomplishment that comes from helping someone overcome pain, regain mobility, and get back to living their best life.

At Accelacare, we share your passion. That’s why we like to frame hiring decisions around a candidate’s personal interests. For example, we started our Women’s Health Program, the first of its kind in Western Kansas, because one of our PTs has a passion for helping women with pelvic issues. Another of our PTs has a special interest in pediatric care, and we look forward to expanding those services. We also have a team member who is passionate about teaching continuing education to other PTs and we encourage and support them along the way.

No matter what position you hold at Accelacare, we want every member of our team to feel the same passion and satisfaction about their work.

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