Accelacare Home

Physical Therapy in Your Home. On your Schedule.

We are deeply committed to supporting our clients with innovative treatments and technologies that encourage successful healing. That’s why we are excited to offer “Accelacare Home,” an exclusive new service that extends our expert physical therapy services right into your home. It’s designed for knee or hip surgical patients who often find it difficult to come in for critical rehabilitation appointments after surgery. We understand that scheduling, transportation, and other considerations all factor in to where and when you can do your physical therapy. Our goal with Accelacare Home is to offer a proven, home-based PT program you can use when and where you need it—customized to your personal needs by your Accelacare physical therapist.

As our region’s first and only local provider of this service, we offer Accelacare Home in partnership with the technology’s creator, Reflexion Health. Accelacare Home is the next best thing to our traditional model of hands-on, clinic-based PT. We may recommend that you combine the remote program with office visits: it’s a great way to stay on track for your recovery.

While Accelacare Home can be an alternative to some of your office visits, there is no replacing that initial in-person pre-operative session. This appointment focuses on training you to use a walker or crutches and teaching you basic exercises that will help you regain your mobility and strength after surgery. A recent study demonstrated pre-operative physical therapy reduces post-operative care by as much as 29 percent in patients who have a total knee or total hip surgery.

After your joint replacement procedure, physical therapy can make all the difference in how well, and how soon, you recover. Accelacare Home allows you to do your exercises at home, under the remote but watchful eye of a physical therapist. It’s convenient, fun, and motivating and you won’t have to worry about travel, gas, or co-pays. Because when it comes to your physical therapy, there’s no place like home.

Please contact our Clinic Director at 620-271-0700 for more information.

How It Works

1. You come in for a pre- surgery visit.
An Accelacare therapist meets with you to assess your needs based on your upcoming joint replacement surgery, insurance benefits, transportation considerations, and other factors. Together, we determine whether Accelacare Home is right for you.

2. We provide you with the Accelacare Home device.
All you have to do to use the Accelacare Home video technology is plug in the device. You control it via a touch screen and use a remote to move from one exercise to the next.

3. Accelacare Home provides helpful feedback!
As you do your exercises, your movements will be analyzed and you will be given prompts and corrective cues. The device also records your session for later evaluation by your Accelacare therapist.

4. A physical therapist reviews the recording of your session.
Based on your progress, the PT determines whether any adjustments need to be made to your treatment plan.

5. Virtual visits keep you on track.
After reviewing the session(s), the PT will meet with you by phone or video conference as many times as needed to answer questions, assess your progress, and make any necessary tweaks to your routine.